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Engagement of the Average Employee

The Predictive Index surveyed over 10,000 random people on their levels of employee engagement in their job and at their company. Here’s what they found:

The Company:

On the basis of pride, satisfaction, willingness to recommend the organization

  • 54% of employees are dissatisfied with opportunities for advancement

  • 65% would recommend working at their company to others

  • 72% are proud to work for their company

Company Size Matters

Factors contributing to engagement levels differ between small and large companies.

Small companies:

  • Dedicated learning and developing

  • Clear link between work and a company’s objectives

Large companies:

  • Open and honest two-way communications

  • Involvement in work decisions

The Job:

On the basis of being passionate about the everyday work and enjoying the routine tasks and day-to-day roles

  • 50% think their work environment is designed for their jobs’ success

  • 71% enjoy the tasks and responsibilities of their jobs

  • 74% are passionate about the work they do every day

Important reminder:

Engaged employees are proud to work for their company and remain passionate about the work they do every day on the job.

What Doesn’t Matter:

  • Compensation and benefits

  • Work/life balance

  • Cooperation with others

  • Close relationships

Managing People:

In those companies, employees who managed over 5 people showed a higher level of engagement. Additionally, 64% of engaged employees think their manager is an outstanding leader.

Factors that Affect Turnover:

  • Lack of a promising future

  • Absence of personal accomplishment

  • Insufficient compensation

  • Dissatisfaction with opportunities

  • Bad cultural fit

  • Little to no training

  • Work/life balance


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