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When was the last time your employee handbook was reviewed?

If your employee handbook is non-existent or outdated, it can cause several problems, such as lawsuits against the company and increased employee violations. An employee handbook forms the foundation of any business/company and helps employees know the rules and what they can count on.

An employee handbook defines how work is done and other requirements such as the company’s policies, working conditions, and expectations. A well-organized and updated employee handbook helps businesses to minimize the challenges related to lawsuits and claims. It also helps to avoid misunderstandings caused by poorly written policies.

To avoid the issues caused by an outdated employee handbook, review and update all requirements and company policies to your employee handbook annually. By providing all the current dos and don’ts in writing, you can avoid harmful HR mistakes that can damage the company’s reputation.

An employee handbook that contains the company’s all policies and guidelines can provide a framework to ensure that the policies are well-implemented and increase expectations for employee conduct. Your company’s employee handbook must include the following information to give the employees a detailed outline of the working environment:

• Safety guidelines

• Social media guidelines

• Communication guidelines and policies

• Attendance policies

• Harassment laws

• Code of esthetics

• Guidelines for the company’s culture

• Non-discrimination policies

If you need a new handbook or a review of your existing one, please reach out to Human Resource Dimensions at for assistance.


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Payroll/HR Services Manager

Tamara offers a history of successful leadership in multiple aspects of payroll and human resources partnering with small to large businesses, private, state and public sectors within such industries as telecommunications, manufacturing and hospitality/entertainment working with the following companies - Hyatt Hotels, Printpack, Georgia Dome and Comcast. Trained in her field, she has over 20 years of a diverse background (in customer service, communication, leadership, project management, auditing, and much more) which provides her clients with confidence in identifying and creating efficient changes. She has been innovative in creating successful efficiencies for her clients to assist with change and streamline processes for maximized operations.

Tamara is proficient in identifying inefficient processes and creating successful solutions, she has helped multiple companies develop and implement processes which resulted in companies saving over a million dollars. These changes also provide a more user-friendly expedited process for employees as well as creating an informative partnership between companies and their employees. With her skills and knowledge base she partners with her clients with professional integrity for a successful partnership.



Environmental, Health, and Safety Director – Peachtree City, GA. Onsite, will provide relocation. Benefits Manager – Disability and Leave – Hybrid in Atlanta, GA. Will relocate. Member Experience Quality Manager – Hybrid in Atlanta, GA. HRIS Role – Tampa, FL. Will offer relocation. Global HR Manager – Compliance – Atlanta, GA. Hybrid.

If you are interested in one of these roles please reach out to Rachel Honan to speak with one of our recruiters. Looking for something else? Send an updated copy of your resume to We will reach out to you if we have a potential match! More Career Opportunities HERE QUESTIONS?

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