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Can we require employees to do extra work outside their scheduled hours? 

Answer from Sergio, SHRM-CP: Yes, but you have to pay for it. As an employer, you have control over schedules and can modify them as needed. That may mean scheduling additional work time for employees. A few things to note: 

  • For nonexempt employees, any extra work time must be compensated at or above minimum wage, and any overtime worked must be paid at the required premium. Properly classified exempt employees don’t need to be paid extra for extra work.  

  • Employees who haven’t previously been scheduled outside their normal work hours may have conflicts. Giving them a heads up well in advance of a change to their schedule may increase the chance that they can take on the extra work.  

  • Some employees may have commitments they can’t change or may otherwise be unable to work the extra hours. If you plan to make the extra work a requirement for certain positions, you may experience unwelcome turnover.   

  • Over time, additional hours can lead to burnout. Make sure managers are regularly communicating with their team members about workloads and morale.  

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