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Senior Recruiter 

Wendi Coley is an Executive Search Supervisor at Human Resource Dimensions, a leading provider of comprehensive human resources solutions. With her extensive experience and expertise in talent acquisition, Wendi plays a pivotal role in sourcing, attracting, and selecting top-tier candidates for organizations across various industries.

Throughout her career, Wendi has demonstrated a passion for connecting talented individuals with their ideal career opportunities. She possesses a keen eye for identifying qualified candidates and excels in conducting thorough assessments to ensure a strong match between candidates and job requirements. Wendi's exceptional communication skills and relationship-building abilities enable her to establish rapport with candidates, ensuring a positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment process. Her ability to effectively collaborate with hiring managers and stakeholders ensures a streamlined and efficient recruitment process, resulting in successful placements.

Wendi holds a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education from Samford University where she played 4 years of college basketball and held the role of Captain for 2 years.  She holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science/Physical Education from the University of Dayton.  She began her recruiting journey by recruiting fitness coaches and managers for a rapidly growing fitness company, which she helped staff over 40 locations across the country.  She fell in love with recruiting and soon began recruiting all industries. She has continued to hone her skills in talent acquisition strategies, remains up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices, continuously refining her abilities to attract and select the best talent for her clients. Wendi's dedication to delivering exceptional service, coupled with her strong work ethic and commitment to building strong relationships, makes her an invaluable asset to the recruitment team and the organizations she serves.

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