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Director of Human Resource Partnerships

Kris Viscio is a seasoned professional and currently holds the position of Director of Human Resource Partnerships at Human Resource Dimensions. With her extensive experience and deep knowledge of the HR landscape, Kris has emerged as a trusted leader in cultivating strategic partnerships and driving meaningful collaborations with organizations to optimize their human capital potential.

Throughout her remarkable career, Kris has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to fostering effective HR partnerships.  Her exceptional interpersonal skills and keen understanding of clients' needs enable her to forge strong connections and establish long-lasting relationships. Utilizing her collaborative approach and innovating thinking Kris leverages her expertise in HR practices to offer tailored solutions that address clients' unique challenges and propel them towards achieving their strategic objectives.

Kris Viscio holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management from Western Connecticut State University. She remains at the forefront of industry trends and best practices, continuously expanding her knowledge to deliver cutting-edge HR solutions to her clients. As the Director of Human Resource Partnerships for HRD Kris continues to redefine the concept of HR collaboration, spearheading initiatives that foster impactful partnerships. Her passion for driving organizational success, combined with her ability to align HR strategies with business goals, makes her an invaluable asset in the ever-evolving HR landscape.

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