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Executive Assistant/Recruiting Coodinator

Julie began her career in human resources at McKenney’s, Inc., gaining experience in various functions of HR with a focus on recruiting, onboarding, and benefits administration. In this role, she had the opportunity to partner with The Georgia Institute of Technology and manage the company’s co-op recruiting program.

Julie has a passion for research and connecting top talent with exceptional career opportunities. She brings a strategic and results-driven approach to talent acquisition. In her role as Sourcer, she possesses a deep understanding of sourcing techniques and tools and is adept at leveraging job boards, social media platforms, and industry networks to identify and engage with high-potential candidates. By staying up-to-date with the latest sourcing trends and technologies, Julie utilizes the most effective strategies to source top-tier talent.

Julie has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Kennesaw State University. She resides in Marietta, Georgia, with her husband and two children.

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