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Why Supplemental Staffing Works

As the job market and economy starts to pick up again, we see a surge in the need for Interim and Contract hires. This is due to workload picking up prior to additional headcount and budget approvals, which we all know takes time! Contract and Interim staffing can provide a quick and knowledgeable resource to hit the ground running immediately and can be turned on or off within a week notice. This resource allows you to add supplemental staff without committing to permanent headcount, costs of medical insurance, and other benefit expenses. It actually will save you money to hire contractors as business ramps up!

Supplemental Staffing Project Examples:

  • Contract Recruiters to assist with Hourly Seasonal Staffing or a New Location Ramp up

  • Interim VP Human Resources as a back fill during FMLA

  • Compensation Consultant to design and implement a Salary and Bonus Structure

  • Benefits Administrator to assist with Open Enrollment Processing

  • Financial Analyst temp-perm hire to allow client to assess hire before making a permanent decision

  • Interim Chief Financial Officer to manage day to day while recruiting for the permanent search

Stay in touch with your network to keep a bench of talent ready for contract and interim hiring or contact HRD with any staffing needs!

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