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Transformational Leadership Checklist

Increasing employee motivation, morale, and job performance is a core element of leadership. Those who practice transformational leadership spark positive change and growth in those around them. Transformational leaders are visionary, inspirational, passionate, and empathetic. Use this checklist to identify how you can become a transformational leader.

Visionary qualities

  • I have a developed vision of what I want to achieve and have clearly communicated my vision with my organization.

  • I continuously share my vision with my organization as it evolves.

  • I have created a process that allows employees to ask questions to gain clarity about my vision.

  • I seek out solutions rather than seek out problems.

Inspirational qualities

  • I understand the behavioral drives that inspire my people.

  • I motivate my employees to look beyond their self-interests.

  • I break down barriers to success and growth within my business. I foster a culture of personal and professional growth.

Passionate qualities

  • I am passionate and enthusiastic about my work.

  • I lead by example by acting on the concepts and messages that I share with my employees.

  • I lead with my actions and avoid inaction and indecision.

  • I encourage openness and real dialogue about what I am passionate about in my work.

Empathetic qualities

  • I understand the behavioral drives that inspire my people.

  • I have a clear understanding of the emotions of the people around me and how those people react in different environments.

  • I practice active listening when interacting with others.

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