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4 Steps to Make Better Hires

Making the right hire can boost productivity and profitability. Making the wrong hire, on the other hand, can be a costly mistake.

Follow these steps to make sure you’re hiring the right person for the role.

Define and Communicate Job Requirements

  • Solicit stakeholder input.

  • Define the job.

  • Create a compelling job advertisement

Equip Your Leaders to Land Top Talent

  • Assemble the interview team.

  • Collect objective data about candidates.

  • Prioritize which candidates to interview based on behavioral and cognitive fit.

  • Conduct candidate interviews.

Determine Candidate Cultural Fit

  • Ensure candidates embody your organization’s core values.

  • Set candidate expectations about company culture.

Predict New Team Dynamics

  • Understand how a candidate compares to existing team members.

  • Predict changes to current team dynamics.

  • Make an informed decision.

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